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What is a bartender's license?

Although terms are often used loosely, incorrectly, or in reference to different training, usually a bartending license refers to responsible alcohol server training, which can also be called alcohol awareness training. Many states have made such training mandatory for all bartenders, alcohol servers, waiters and waitresses, and other employees in the hospitality industry. In California, new requirements implemented by the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), known as the Responsible Beverage Service Training Act, RBS Training, and AB-1221, are set to begin in July, 2022. 

A primary reason for ABC training is to States want bartenders to reduce drunk driving, although reducing minors' access to alcohol is often a secondary goal. A licensed bartender is one that has taken training to learn intervention techniques with a goal of ensuring the bar's patrons do not drink and drive. If you are a bartender, you are on the front lines of the fight against drunken driving - and our alcohol server education training is very important to the effort. Our course prepares you to pass the Alcohol Server Certification exam.

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If you are already a bartender or want an advantage when applying for a job as a bartender, you may be interested in our Bartender Mixology course. This course is rated at 40 hours and is comparable to attending a week-long conventional bartending school for just a fraction of the cost! This course will teach you everything you need to know about being a good bartender, and includes dozens of videos, interactive flash cards and quizzes, text, and instantly-graded lesson quizzes. You'll also learn hundreds of drink recipes and information about different types of liquors and other types of alcohol. Making drinks, alcohol knowledge and customer service are all part of being a great bartender, and this course will help you attain those goals.

The best part is that you can take both of these types of training online. You can complete the training on your own time at your own pace. Getting your license or certification has never been easier than with online training!

Bartender Mixology Course

Responsible Serving® Course

Until July, 2022, California has in place a non-mandatory program which rewards businesses that train voluntarily by (in some cases) reducing penalties for violations when the offending staff member was trained prior to the violation. Because a violation or lawsuit could potentially result in the loss or suspension of a liquor license and even the permanent closure of the business, many businesses require their employees to get Responsible Serving® of Alcohol training. Stand out from the competition by taking your training online today. It may help you get the best job!